Product Highlight: The Haw Balm

Product Highlight: The Haw Balm

They say great things come in small packages - and this rings true when it comes to the Haw Lip Balm. Inspired by the Haw Flakes candy famous for its sweet and tangy taste and looking like a brown oscha (the round wafer given during Catholic communion), the Haw Flakes candy was a hit for Filipino kids and adults alike.


We wanted to create a tiny lip balm that can fit in the smallest of pockets, and when we saw the lip balm packaging, I immediately thought it looked like the famous candy itself.

I bought a pack online and lo and behold, they’re the exact same size. We knew right there and then that this was the concept we’re going for.




The packaging was pretty easy to create since we had a clear vision in mind. After measuring out the tube, we got to work.


We tried different scents and oils to encapsulate the Haw taste, but it has a very distinct flavor profile and it was quite challenging to replicate. We settled for a candy flavor in the end that has a similar sweet and tangy taste.


Purchase the Haw Lip Balm here to try!


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