Art in makeup form

Filipinta Beauty is not just a brand; it's a celebration of the vibrant tapestry of Filipino culture, meticulously handcrafted into every product and packaging. Founded on the principles of honoring heritage and embracing creativity, Filipinta Beauty takes pride in infusing each creation with the essence of the Philippines.

About the name

Filipinta is a combination of the words "Filipina" and "pinta," roughly translating to "face paint for Filipinas." 


How it started

In early 2019, multimedia designer Hana Acabado-Kirchhoff wanted to expand her packaging portfolio so she created a fake company called “Pinta Cosmetics” at the time. She wanted to meld her love of product and packaging design with a concept that elevates her motherland’s cultures, beliefs and people. and thus, Filipinta Beauty was born.

The women behind the brand

Hana - Creative Director. She creates all the packaging and any design related material for the brand. 

Jasel - Product developer. She is responsible for the creation and curation of products, as well as management in the PH.


For more information, visit @filipintabeauty on IG, Tiktok and Facebook.