About Us

Makeup with a purpose

Filipinta Beauty is a Filipina-owned beauty brand that aims to celebrate Philippine culture, all while enhancing and embracing the unique, distinct beauty of every Filipina. 


About the name

Filipinta is a combination of the words "Filipina" and "pinta," roughly translating to "face paint for Filipinas." 


How it started

Filipinta Beauty was dreamed up by New York-based multimedia designer Hana K.  
What started as a passion project in 2019 became a thriving small business with a wonderful community rallying behind it. 

In early 2019, Hana wanted to expand her packaging portfolio so she created a faux company called “Pinta Cosmetics” at the time. She wanted to meld her love of product and packaging design with a concept that elevates her motherland’s cultures, beliefs and people. and thus, Filipinta Beauty was born.

The women behind the brand

Hana - Creative Director. She creates all the packaging and any design related material for the brand. 

Jasel - Product developer. She is responsible for the creation and curation of products, as well as management in the PH.


For more information, visit @filipintabeauty or facebook.com/filipintabeauty for more brand products and updates or contact Hana Kirchhoff at filipintabeauty@gmail.com.