It is said that there is a talisman so powerful it makes one immune to danger and ultimately makes a person invincible. The anting-anting, or agimat, as it is called, is the inspiration for Filipinta Beauty’s new palette, Kabal. This limited edition 4 piece palette features shades that are striking yet simple, bold yet wearable and in a size portable enough to put in your pocket.

Be empowered with this palette that is inspired by the ancient forces that protect and safeguard warriors. Let Kabal's classic colors make you stronger as you face challenges of different kinds every day.


The Kabal palette was projected to be released on Halloween 2019. With the spooky season in mind, we wanted to showcase one of Philippine folklore's famous stories, and that is the power of the "agimat" or "anting-anting". 


We sought to maintain the look of the "Agimat" as authentic as possible, so we used gold foil on a black background to fully emphasize the design.


Each shade corresponds to a 

Lingling-o: The red-pink shade that will give you the flushed, natural look for the eyes and cheeks.

Mutea: Muted gold shimmer that will give your look a supernaturally beautiful finish.

Putik: The brown classic shade that will give you invulnerability to beauty woes.

Gayuma: Sultry bronze-maroon-black pressed glitters that can make any heart flutter in a second.

The palette's four versatile tones were inspired by Philippine folklore's amulets and charms.

Kabal - A talisman that is believed to make the wearer immune against cuts and sword slashes.


Kabal is the fool-proof makeup collection for women who face everyday battles and end up winning.